Life is better with SPRINKLES on top...

but our attorney says to include the small print!


Livi Lee's Product, Store, & Special Order Policies



Colors shown in Livi Lee’s Order Book/Online may not be the exact color result but give a general idea. 

I have requested that Livi Lee’s provide a specific finish that is not offered on their daily menu. I acknowledge that Livi Lee’s cannot be held liable for any problems resulting from this request including but not limited to structural or quality issues with the donuts. I also acknowledge that in the production of the donuts, if a custom flavor, filling, or finish request fails to perform well or risks compromising the stability or overall quality of the donuts, Livi Lee’s may substitute that part of the donuts with a more suitable and reliable menu option. Livi Lee’s will notify the customer upon delivery or pickup if/when that occurs. The customer recognizes that the #1 goal of Livi Lee’s is to provide stable, edible donuts therefore no refunds will be provided due to dissatisfaction with any recipe, flavoring, or finish that was not suggested by the bakery itself, including cases in which that request may have adversely affected the overall quality or stability of the donuts.

I acknowledge that food coloring on donuts could have the potential to stain linens, clothing, furniture, or teeth upon contact. Livi Lee’s cannot be held liable for issues resulting from my choice of color/s. I also acknowledge that Livi Lee’s will strive to accurately match my color choices however some color tones, especially but not limited to deep reds, vibrant blues, violet tones, black/grey, and metallic colors, may not make an exact match due to the natural base colors of the donuts, frosting and decorating ingredients. I understand that these colors require a significant amount of food coloring, which may adversely affect the flavor and quality of the donuts.

Cancelation Policy

  • We require 48 hours notice to cancel an order. Your payment will be applied as a credit to your next order in the event of a family emergency, inclement weather/natural disaster, or illness has postponed your event and you have given us notice of such.

  • Last minute orders (24hrs or less with approval) are FINAL and cannot be changed or canceled.

  • In the event of a missed or forgotten pickup, we will make every effort to contact you by the information you give us before we close. Your order will be available for pick up until the following business day should we get in contact with you should you choose or discarded after we close and your payment may be applied to your next order.

Refund Policy

  • We promise to do our very best to provide the best tasting and best-looking donut items around. Custom Orders are created with love, time, and attention to detail by our talented makers just for you. Please keep in mind that no two pieces of art made by people are exactly alike. Though we will do our very best, please keep in mind we are in fact working with dough that might rise and cook/perform differently from one piece to the next. Though we will try to make them as uniform as possible in size and colors desired, we cannot guarantee them to be exact in size, shape, form, or color. Once an item has been picked up by you or your designated party and leaves our store, it is considered ACCEPTED.

  • In the event we make a major mistake to the design theme (mermaids instead of basketballs for example) and you alert us at the time of pickup, we will make EVERY attempt to correct this error in a timely manner before you leave our store or deliver it to your destination. In the event we are unable to correct our mistake before your event, you may elect to accept the order as is and have a manager assess the situation. They may offer you additional donuts &/or 10% discount at their discretion. While it makes us very unhappy to make mistakes and we will never knowingly disappoint you! Please remember that people, not machines are handcrafting and designing your orders.

  • No refunds, discounts, or additions will be given for color selections or minor design discrepancies.

  • If we have been deficient in the production of your product we would appreciate if you can let us know immediately and bring back in the remaining product. This allows us to correct our team and get it perfect next time. In this case we will provide you a proportionate refund for the remaining product. We do retain the right to judge our product quality for ourselves.

  • If you try one of our products and just do not care for it, we hope you try something different next time; however, a refund will not be given.

Prepayment Policy

  • Due to an excessive amount of no shows & no pays, we now ask for prepayment on all Special/Custom/Delivery Orders, so we can send over an online invoice beforehand. Orders received will not be submitted until payment is received in full. 

Delivery Policy

  • $35 or 5 dozen minimum order required plus $1.00/mile or FREE delivery with $50+ orders. Hours are based on desired day's schedule, deliveries with less than 24 hour notice will need to be approved by mgmt. All orders must be paid in advance before being submitted. Special Events and/Wedding Delivery does not apply* consultation needed to discuss further options.