Livi Lee's

Welcome to Livi Lee's...where we are making life sweeter every single day with our always fresh, handcrafted donuts and signature sausage rolls!

Who is Livi Lee?

Just like her daddy with little sprinkles of her momma...little Miss Alivia Lee is our daughter. She has brought so much joy, light, & sweetness to our lives that her nickname was the perfect fit for our new adventure!

Locations & Beyond

Our first location, Livi Lee's Daylight Donuts, is at 411 E Broadway Street in Sand Springs, OK. It has actually been a donut shop for 50+ years! This is where we got our toes glazed & started to find out, just what we are capable of. We are always learning, improving, & doing the best we can. We have quickly become one of THE go-to places for donuts, not just in Sand Springs, but the entire Metro area! Some of our customers are visiting us from Broken Arrow, Bixby, Glenpool, Jennings, Owasso, Skiatook, & Tulsa. We love meeting new faces & sharing our SWEET little donut shop with everyone! 

Our second location, Livi Lee's Donuts, opened in January 2015. This is our South location in Sand Springs ("all the way across the river" in Prattville ;D). Same great experience in a brand new space, ready to start new traditions with you, your family, & friends! 

Our beyond is a work in progress! We have been curating, dreaming, & planning an awesome idea that just might put us all over town. We are super excited to announce Livi Lee's To-Go-Nuts and introduce 2 new members of the LL's Family:

Miss Elle (pictured) - that's right, she's a REAL, donut and sausage roll making food truck! Or as Livi likes to say "she is a donut shop on wheels!" Elle hopes to bring smiles and that sweet Livi Lee's experience wherever she goes. She dreams of setting up shop at social areas around town as well as at your next event, whether that is a wedding, reunion, or even workshop! Wherever it is, she is ready to (sausage) ROLL!

Miss Minnie Lee - she's small, mighty, and just as ready as her older sister to start making the streets SWEET! Though she can't make donuts on the spot like Elle, she does plan on delivering fresh donuts (and other menu items) from headquarters straight to your home, business, or small event! On demand donut delivery? You better be-LEE-ve it! 

Contact us today for all of your breakfast, dessert, or catering needs!